Echo Tail is an unsigned progressive rock/post-metal duo from Cambridge, UK formed in August 2014.  The band currently consists of:

Mark Stebbing (guitars, bass, keys, synth, production, mastering)
Tom Stebbing (drums).  

The vision of Echo Tail is to record tracks that are full of vigorous riffs layered underneath vibrant and blues-styled lead guitaring that replaces vocals for storytelling. Each album has its own concept and style, experimenting with different sounds and changing things up sonically.  Echo Tail rely on their own resources and produce all their music in their own home setup; using laptops, recording software and equipment all funded by the band.

So far, we have released these albums in a short span of time:

Mirroring                                            (August 2014)
Sonic Slave                                         (October 2014)
Hold The Throne                                 (December 2014)
I Will Leave It All For You                  (March 2015)
King Defeatism                                    (July 2015)
Fields of Vision                                   (March 2016)
Drowning the Pacific                          (August 2016)
The Ancestry                                      (February 2017)

We are very much an impulse band where we constantly generate ideas and sounds through improvisation and experimentation, and are always excited to share these new ambitions with you.  We have progressed from our first album, "Mirroring", which was focused on metal, transitioning through to the clean tones of our second album, "Sonic Slave".  Those albums were for us as a band, finding our feet and direction.  "Hold The Throne" marked the beginning of a shift towards progressive rock and post-metal, releasing our single "Divisions" which was played on independent radio stations.  "I Will Leave It All For You" was our most experimental album, signalling a shift to electronic/industrial music, this album was designed to be dark, desolate and atmospheric with many listeners enjoying the departure of sound from previous albums before it.  

Our latest release, "King Defeatism", is a shift back to our past sound of "Mirroring" and "Hold The Throne" utilising elements of progressive rock and post-metal influenced by bands such as Pelican and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.  "King Defeatism" was released to huge support and was downloaded over 250 times in five days, accruing over 1500 plays in that timespan.  It is clear with every album release, we are gaining colossal momentum amongst fans and hope to continue this.  'Fields of Vision' was also another great success, hold our best physical CD sales to date and gathered as much downloads as 'King Defeatism'.

Echo Tail on their seventh album, 'Drowning the Pacific', signalled a drastic change in direction; moving away from their instrumental roots and incorporating vocal performances on all the tracks.  The album promises to be emotional, visceral and intimate with lyrical themes and twisting soundscapes.

'The ancestry' is the latest album by the band, which represents the end part of a concept trilogy from 'hold the throne' and 'King defeatism'.  It is a mix of all the previous albums while progressing the sound of 'drowning the pacific' further.

You can support us by visiting our official Bandcamp page for all of our album releases, we always price the albums at "Name Your Price", so it is totally up to you if you want to donate money to us or simply download the albums for free for your pleasure.  We also release limited edition CDs at a low price..  You can also follow us on social media, we are on a lot of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube etc.  Any follow or like means a lot to us and builds our support even further.